Low temps in Atlanta, snow possible in Georgia later

Today: Sunny and windy. High: 59

Tomorrow: Sunny. High: 62

» For a detailed forecast, visit The Atlanta Journal-Constitution weather page.

Not only is it colder in metro Atlanta, snow is even in the forecast for far North Georgia next week.

But don’t worry, Channel 2 Action News reported. A lot of snow isn’t expected. A rain/snow mix is most likely and not until Wednesday.

“Yesterday the (Global Forecast System) model showed potential for some snow farther south into Georgia,” Channel 2 meteorologist Karen Minton said. “This updated GFS has reduced the area a lot.”

In the meantime, Atlanta temperatures started about 20 degrees lower Friday than they were 24 hours earlier.

Currently, the temperature is 50 degrees, Channel 2 reported. Atlanta’s forecast high is 59.

Although metro Atlanta isn’t facing a wind advisory like far North Georgia is, “watch the wind” locally, Minton said.

“It’s going to pick up,” she said.

A wind advisory is in effect for far North Georgia. (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

The advisory is in effect until 6 p.m. Friday for some parts of far North Georgia and until noon Saturday for others.

Winds up to 50 mph are possible for higher elevations, Channel 2 reported.

In Atlanta, wind gusts hit about 22 mph.

Thursday’s weather gave little indication a cooldown was on the way. Even with rain, Atlanta hit a high of 73 degrees, Channel 2 reported. Macon and Columbus set new records with 85-degree highs Thursday.

That’s “not going to happen today,” Minton said.

And even cooler weather is forecast for the weeks ahead.

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