Armed men ambush Emory student near Georgia Tech’s campus

ATLANTA – An Emory University student said she jumped in front of a slow moving-car to scare off the two men who were robbing her at gunpoint.

She told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson she wasn’t sure where the two men were going to take her so she jumped in front of a car coming down this street.

The driver of that car slammed on the brakes, and that was enough for her robbers to get confused and run away.

Atlanta police said someone robbed her at around 7 at night on Wednesday in the Home Park neighborhood.


She told Johnson she was visiting family on her birthday and the moment she parked her car on Snyder Street, two men with guns ambushed her. As they held her hand to take her somewhere, she said she jumped in front of a slow moving car to get help.

“It’s a small street so I know they cant be going fast, I know im not going to be hurt, and it’s better than being shot,” the student said. She asked Channel 2 Action News to conceal her identity.

She said the two men ran off once she got someone else involved.

Police said they have several witnesses who saw the men running away but no arrests have been made. This is the same area where five Georgia Tech students were robbed in two weeks in September of last year.

This victim is aware of the disturbing amount of robberies that have been happening.

Channel 2 Action News looked at Atlanta police crime data and this is the 10th armed robbery in the past five months in the neighborhood. The victims have typically been college students.

This victim hopes to see changes in the area the next time she visits family.

“It was really dark and it was only 7:00 at night, so I’m like if there was more lighting, I would have seen them,” she said.

Police spoke to several witnesses who saw the men running away from the scene but have not made any arrests.

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